2017 marks a record year for the renewable energy sector

Mary Rossiter

Mary Rossiter

Marketing & Communications Manager

A report released this week has shown the global renewable energy sector achieved record increases in capacity in 2017. The data, from the Renewable Energy Policy Network of the 21st Century (REN21), revealed the power sector had a banner year, while clean energy gains in transportation, heating and cooling remained minimal.

The power sector, and specifically solar PV, led the results with 9% growth in overall generating capacity with the world adding 98 gigawatts of solar PV capacity. This represents more than fossil fuels and nuclear capacity combined. Offshore wind record increased capacity by 30%.

The report also noted a modest increase in global sector investment with China accounting for 45 percent of the $279.8 billion invested last year.

This comes in the same week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned Ireland’s total greenhouse gas emissions are set to increase up to 2020. Citing the country’s strong economic growth, the independent body noted an expanding agriculture sector and increasing fossil fuel consumption as the key factors in the increase.

In light of this, it is now acknowledged that Ireland will fail to meet a legally-binding EU target of reducing emissions by 2020 and will struggle to meet further targets in 2030. To counter this, the EPA has called for a significant move away from fossil fuels use and greater investment in the use of cleaner, renewable fuels.

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