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Clean electricity set to overtake fossil fuels in Britain

Clean Electricity

Clean Electricity 

The National Grid in the UK has revealed that the country is on course to use more electricity from zero-carbon sources such as wind, solar and nuclear than from fossil fuel plants in 2019. Data shows 48 per cent of Britain’s electricity came from low-carbon power generation sources in the first five months of the year while fossil fuels accounted for 47 per cent.

The shift has been largely due to Britain’s huge increase in wind power capacity, with wind contributing almost a fifth of the country’s power in the first five months of 2019, up from just 1 per cent in 2009. England is home to the largest wind farm, the Walney Extension.

The increase in zero-carbon power marks a huge shift from a decade ago when coal and gas plants provided around three-quarters of the country’s electricity. Britain plans to phase out all coal-fired power generation by 2025 and recently became the first G7 country to commit to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

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