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Corporates urge EU to reduce barriers to renewable energy

Renewable Energy

This week, almost 100 global corporations signalled their commitment to climate change and urged European governments to make it easier to invest in and directly source renewable energy.  The organisations, including major international companies Amazon, Facebook, Google, Heineken, IKEA and Microsoft, signed a joint declaration at a renewable energy conference in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

The group is calling on European policymakers to remove regulatory and administrative barriers that are currently in place and prevent corporate sourcing of renewable energy — a move required by the Renewable Energy Directive, recently-enacted by the European Commission. This is to ensure that the early success of corporate renewable procurement, concentrated primarily in the Nordics, the Netherlands and the UK, can be replicated more broadly across the entire European Union.

Noting the signing of the Paris Agreement by all nations in 2015 and the urgent need to decarbonise the electricity system, the group said corporate renewable energy purchasing can play a critical role in driving this energy transition.

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