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Fossil fuels still dominate energy use in Ireland

According to a new report from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), fossil fuels account for 90% of energy use in Ireland highlighting the nations challenges to meet renewable energy targets for 2020.

The Energy in Ireland report showed coal use fell by 20%, peat dropped by 5% but the use of oil increased by 0.5% and natural gas by 1.5%. Renewables reflected a significant increase of 19%, which means almost 25% of Ireland’s power is generated by renewables, the biggest contributors after gas.

The report also showed that wind turbines generate record levels of electricity – as high as 72% on one occasion during April. Wind energy alone saved the State €278 million in fossil fuel imports.

Noting the increased demand for energy due to a buoyant economy, SEAI Chief Executive Jim Gannon had a clear message that now is the time to use less fossil fuels and take greater advantage of the renewable energy available in Ireland.

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