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New Climate Action Plan – Government Unveils

New Climate Action Plan Time for Change

Climate Action Plan 

The Irish Government has launched a new plan to tackle climate change and make Ireland carbon neutral by 2050. The plan includes major policy shifts to enable a rapid decarbonisation of the State within 12 years, including targets for putting 1 million electric vehicles on Irish roads; retrofitting of 500,000 homes and achieving 70 per cent renewable energy in power generation.

The plan contains 183 actions that the Government claims the new climate action plan will help Ireland meet exacting 2030 EU climate emission targets following the announcement earlier this year that the country will fail meet 2020 targets. The Government argue the new plan, which includes new climate legislation, budgets and targets, will ensure greater oversight and mean Ireland will no longer be a laggard when it comes to tackling the issue.

The Government aims to have 70& of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030 and the plan includes a proposal to introduce a microgeneration scheme to allow homeowners to generate their own electricity and sell what they do not use back to the national grid. 

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