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Need a new business natural gas connection? Naturgy, the energy experts can help

New Gas Connection - Naturgy Energy Experts

Natural Gas Connection 

If you are moving premises or wish to get a natural gas connection at a business property, Naturgy can support and help your business through the process seamlessly.

Getting natural gas connected to a business premises for the first time can be daunting and somewhat complex process given the range of activities that need to happen on-site to get gas to flow. We have been through this process many times with newly connected customers.

Using our experience and close working relationship with Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) and as experts in energy and energy supply, we can provide businesses with the information, education, and regulatory support to effectively negotiate the connection agreement with GNI in advance of the installation of the new gas connection.  Our tailor-made approach will ensure your business has the service and support it requires. We can assist you with the end-to-end process with GNI – from the initial application online, to the fitting of the meter, setting the initial capacity levels following a review of your expected consumption, right through to getting clearance from GNI that gas can start flowing. 

Naturgy can assist your business by providing these additional services:

  • On-site survey & business case support
  • Planning and implementation support
  • Budget and procurement management
  • Education and market understanding
  • Pro-active account management
  • Supply of natural gas

At Naturgy, we tailor our packages to your needs because every business is unique. Our top priority is to provide you with the service and support you need to manage your energy costs throughout the year.

In addition to the services above, Naturgy supplies 100% renewable electricity and we continuously work with various partners and industry stakeholders to ensure a clean energy future for Ireland. We provide our customers in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK with a renewable energy strategy that suits their business needs.

Contact the team and learn how we can meet your energy requirements: info@naturgy.ie; + 353 1 884 9400.