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New energy technologies driving the future of the energy sector

With an ever-increasing focus on governments and business to be more environmentally responsible and reduce carbon emissions, many are increasingly willing to test out new cleantech to create operational efficiencies, reduce their environmental impact, and cut energy costs by reviewing energy technologies.

There are three key energy technologies which are viewed as potential game changers for the this sector: 

  1. Microgrids

Microgrids are decentralising technologies, moving energy from a centralised system to a smaller, localised one that optimizes demand. They bring together a combination of clean technologies such as distributed generation, batteries, and renewable resources to help organisations operate autonomously from the traditional electrical grid. 

  1. Energy Storage

Types of energy storage including batteries are enabling companies to embrace clean, low-cost, renewable energy at a higher level. Energy storage helps remove intermittency issues that wind and solar resources may face and with the price for batteries and other sources dropping, companies are beginning to maximise energy investments, while contributing to the clean energy transition.

  1. Blockchain

A blockchain is a list of digital records used to record and track transactions using cryptography. Energy is one area of interest for blockchain applications, particularly when it comes to certifying the energy sources. As the technology develops, corporates may find the benefits of blockchain including increased autonomy, reduced cost and less time commitment to tempting to ignore.

Naturgy is an energy expert and  supplies 100% renewable energy and energy services to industrial and commercial sector and works with various stakeholders to ensure a clean energy future for Ireland working with our customers in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK with a renewable energy strategy that suits their business needs.

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