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More than Energy

For us, it's not just about power supply. At Naturgy, we're dedicated to improving how our customers manage their energy requirements. We develop, in consultation with you, energy strategies designed to give you long term value. This is the key difference in the way we do business. As we get to know your business, we will suggest some or all of the energy services outlined below. It's a tailored solution around what you need.

Information Services

Make the right decisions armed with intel from Naturgy

The energy market is volatile and complex – making the right decisions for your business can be difficult.  It helps to be well informed.  We believe in providing our clients with all the relevant information they need to assist their energy-buying decisions.  Here are the reports we provide:

Weekly market overview

A succinct review of all aspects of the gas energy market in Ireland with additional commentary on electricity, currency and oil markets.

Daily Market Commentary

That day’s headline gas market information including UK and Ireland supply and demand factors, oil price movements, temperature forecasts, market sentiment from analysts and the latest prices for the main gas contracts.

Gas Price Text Alerts 

Keep up to date with the latest price movements and current market sentiment.  Opening prices are sent in the morning and a summary is sent in the evening following the close of the market.

Customised Reporting

Our analysts will work with you to develop reports that give you real insight into and add value to your energy management.

Direct Analyst Support

Regular, informative updates from our analysts on current market sentiment impacting on the gas market in the form of a weekly telephone call or a monthly face-to-face meeting.

Information Services

Energy Efficiency

A proven methodology to improve energy efficiency.

Improving energy efficiency means using less energy to provide the same services with no loss of productivity.  Vayu is really big on helping companies become more energy efficient.

We use a proven methodology that has saved our customers thousands of euros on their energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

Risk Management and Procurement

Whether you have a defined risk strategy or need support in understanding your business’s risk profile, we will help define the best procurement strategy to fit.  We will advise you on the gas contracts and products and services in the marketplace that will help you manage risk more effectively.

Risk Management and Procurement


Making Sense of Information

If we’ve learned one thing from our experiences in the energy industry it’s that more informed businesses make far better decisions regarding their energy use.  That’s why we’ve put so much time and expertise into developing our training service.  Our courses are designed to support better decision-making.


For a full list of our courses and to sign up, read our training section.


Currency Management

We know how important budget certainty is for your business.  At Naturgy, we have created a number of currency management products for our gas customers to help your business save money and minimise risk.

Naturgy Fix

Vayu fix, the only product of it’s kind in Ireland, offers out gas customers a way to eliminate the risk associated with foreign exchange rates.  By fixing not only commodity price, but also the euro sterling/exchange rate, you can control your monthly bill.

Naturgy Duel Currency

Vayu’s Duel Currency product eliminates the currency risk associated with your gas bill by allowing you to pay in sterling as well as in euro.  As we source our gas in the UK, you may elect to pay the commodity portion of the bill in sterling (the charges will be billed in euro).

Currency Management

Technical and Regulatory Support

Naturgy’s regulatory and techical expertise has helped shape the regulatory landscape in gas since we entered the market in 2003.  That expertise is available to or customers in the areas of: network connections (transmission and distribution), capacity management, meter management, commissioning of new gas and electricity sites and managing soft landings (negotiating no extra costs for breaches of Supply Point Capacity in the first 12 months).

Technical and Regulatory Support

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