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Study shows cost benefit of electric cars

cost benefit of electric cars

cost benefit of electric cars

New research has shown that electric cars are already cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel alternatives in five European countries. The study, which was conducted over a four-year period, examined the cost benefit of electric cars, purchase, fuel and tax costs of Europe’s bestselling car, the Volkswagon Golf, in its battery electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel versions with the electric car cheapest in all five countries.

The report, published by the International Council for Clean Transportation, showed contributing factors included a combination of lower taxes, fuel costs and subsidies on the purchase price. Furthermore, the report highlighted tax breaks as a key way to drive the rollout of electric vehicles and tackle climate change and air pollution.

In Ireland, pure-electric cars make up only 1% of the Irish car market with hybrid powered cars, those which have both battery and engine but no plug, accounting for a more robust 5.54%. Globally, 2018 was something of a breakthrough year for electric cars, with more than two-million sold worldwide.

Governments across the world are seeking ways to reduce carbon emissions and electric cars are seen as an important source of achieving this, with emissions from the transport sector in Ireland accounting for 21% of total output.  

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