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Europe makes the switch to LED lighting

LED lighting

Earlier this month, Europe began the switch to LED lighting following the commencement of an EU-approved phase-out of halogen light bulbs. Since September 1st, non-directional mains-voltage halogen lamps, which mainly consist of pear-shaped bulbs used in traditional light sockets, have been no longer brought to the market.

This follows an agreement that was reached in 2009 between Member States to withdraw the inefficient light bulbs. The decision does not affect directional halogen lamps, such as popular spotlights or halogen lamps which are often used in desk lamps and flood lights.

When announcing the switch, the EU referenced environmental and long-term financial benefit to consumers as the main drives for the change.

Reduced cost of lighting, higher quality products and significant energy conservation are key factors contributing to the growth of LED lighting. Switching from an average halogen lamp to an energy-efficient LED will result in savings of €115 over the light’s 20-year lifetime, while the cost of the LED would also be paid back within a year.

Experts now believe the price of LED bulbs will drop as a result of the move by the EU, while their performance is expected to increase, both of which will also bring benefits to consumers.

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