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Ireland Declares A Climate Emergency

a climate change pic

A Climate Emergency

Ireland has become only the second country in the world to declare a climate emergency following a vote in Dáil Eireann last week. The development came as an amendment to the Oireachtas report on Climate Action was accepted by both the Government and Opposition parties without a vote. This follows a decision by the UK to declare an emergency earlier this month.

However, the Minister responsible for climate change has stated the continued use of fossil fuels, notably gas, will be necessary in Ireland in spite of the declaration. Although there is a climate emergency Minister Bruton has stated the Government’s intention was to move rapidly to end dependence on fossils fuels and that the vote brought with it, real momentum and consensus on climate action and on increasing carbon tax.

The Minister also confirmed he will bring forward proposals in a Government plan shortly but ruled out an immediate banning of fossil fuel exploration as Ireland was still 70 per cent dependent on oil and gas for power.

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