Ireland’s renewable energy record put in the spotlight

Keith Donnelly

Keith Donnelly

Senior Energy Analyst

In 2009, EU member states agreed to the Renewable Energy Directive, which requires the EU to source at least 20% of its total energy needs from renewables by 2020 through the attainment of individual national targets.

As part of this directive, Ireland committed to produce at least 16% of all energy consumed from renewable sources by 2020. This was scheduled to be met by 40% from renewable electricity, 12% from renewable heat and 10% from the renewable transport sector not including contributions made by PV solar. In 2016, the EU target was revised to ensure at least 27% of the final energy consumption in the EU by 2030 is met from renewables, making the EU a global leader in renewable energy.

Fast forward nine years and Ireland is now facing a potential annual fine from the EU of c.€600 million for failing to reach the 2020 targets, with Ireland’s EU Commissioner, Phil Hogan, calling on the government to be more proactive in developing wind and wave energy and to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

This coincidentally comes in the same week that Statoil, the Norwegian energy multinational, has claimed Ireland has enormous potential for offshore energy developments. The company has said that now is the pivotal time for Ireland to bring offshore wind into the energy mix and noted that renewables, like wind generation, may be required to reach decarbonisation targets, support economic growth and diversify Ireland’s energy sources.

Renewable energy is part of Naturgy’s DNA and we are committed to providing our customers with renewable energy sources. We remain the only all-island supplier recognised by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities as providing customers with 100% green electricity.

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