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Naturgy points way to Greener Energy for Irish business with 100% Green Certification

100% Green Village naturgy
  • The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) has confirmed Naturgy as supplying 100% renewable electricity to its customers in Ireland.
  • Naturgy was Ireland’s first supplier of 100% green electricity to all of its business customers starting in 2013.
  • According to the CRU, renewables accounted for 54% of the All-Ireland fuel mix in 2019.
  • Naturgy’s expertise in energy efficiency and energy management services has seen it recognised as among Ireland’s leading providers of green energy to businesses.

Business energy supplier Naturgy is leading the charge to help business move to renewable energy in Ireland. It has been confirmed as supplying 100% renewable electricity to its customers, according to the Commission for Regulations of Utilities (CRU). Naturgy’s leading edge Pathway to Greenness initiative helps businesses create and execute a plan to become more sustainable in line with internationally recognised best-practice protocols. Procuring 100% Green electricity from Naturgy is only the first step of this approach.

The CRU today (25 September) issued its annual Fuel Mix Disclosure Report for 2019. The report confirms that Naturgy continues to provide its customers with 100% renewable electricity.

’’We are proud that Naturgy is providing 100% renewable electricity to our customers right across Ireland, a fact independently certified by the CRU’’ said Ross McConnell, Head of Renewables at Naturgy Ireland.

‘’Naturgy was the first supplier in Ireland to achieve a 100% green electricity rating for our customers back in 2013. Our customers know the value we place on sustainability and transparency as two key pillars of our business. We source our renewable green electricity by purchasing it from renewable generators, across a range of technologies on the island of Ireland. Not only are we helping customers to reduce their own carbon footprint, but this also means we are helping Ireland to meet its climate action targets.’’

Our long-term commitment to making Ireland a cleaner, greener place and to helping businesses to navigate their own sustainable energy journey is why Naturgy has become a leading and trusted supplier of renewable energy to Irish businesses. Ultimately, we help our customers to reduce, go green, and save on their energy needs.’’

The Fuel Mix Report for 2019 shows that renewables accounted for 54% of Ireland’s fuel mix in 2019, compared to 49% the year prior and up significantly on the 14% recorded a decade ago in 2009.

In addition to its certification as a supplier of 100% green electricity to businesses in Ireland, Naturgy was also the first company to provide ‘green gas’ (or biomethane) in Ireland to its customer Tesco.

Biomethane is a low-carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels which the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) have said ‘’could contribute to future renewable energy production in Ireland and help to achieve the challenging carbon reductions in the energy sector the Ireland aspires to.’’