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Onsite Energy Resource

Time-stretched with a lot on your plate?



So many energy conservation opportunities but not enough time or resources to get to them all.

Energy conservation done!

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We give you access to a qualified energy engineer on a regular basis who will support you to achieve your energy reduction targets.

Save time, save money, gain expertise!

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A side effect of your energy conservation projects being delivered is your growth in expertise.

The on-site energy engineer will (among other things):

Gather and analyse energy data

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Support and identify ECOs (energy conservation opportunities)

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Calculate potential savings

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Advise on projects and monitor progress towards targets

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Support your energy/sustainability team

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Report on performance via a monthly management report

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Be on the other end of the phone to answer energy-related questions

The On-site Energy Resource solves a range of problems like these:


We can’t justify a specialist hire

You get a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) or a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) at your disposal without having to hire one.

On shore wind turbines

I know there are opportunities, I just don’t have a process to tackle them

This person will analyse energy use and identify and evaluate opportunities, track your progress towards achieving your savings, and generally be a support to your energy reduction plan.


My team doesn’t have the skills to take this on

The CEM will transfer specialist energy management knowledge to you and your team.


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