The Naturgy Ireland Energy Fund

The fund that invests in you
Our Customers tell us that the greatest barrier to energy efficiency is access to capital. We have listened, and have a solution for you - we call it the Naturgy Ireland Energy Fund. We all now know that being more energy efficient can reduce your energy cost by 20%. The Naturgy Ireland Energy Fund offers you the opportunity to upgrade dated facilities, machinery, technology and many other energy related projects / infrastructure.

The misuse of energy through poor energy management is costing you money


The Naturgy Ireland Energy Fund provides capital so you can invest in your future


Repayments are simple – you make them through your energy invoice

We will provide the investment, all repayments will be made through your energy invoice. For example;

billing history calculator

Current energy
invoice €500K

 - placeholder

Naturgy Ireland Energy Fund
invests €150K

Annual Energy
savings of €60K

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Repayments made
in 3 years

Key Benefits of the Naturgy Ireland Energy Fund


Reduced energy bills


Across all technologies

two piles of coins stacked up

No capital investments by you


Investing in your future

wind turbine

Reduce your CO2 emissions