Natural Gas Supplier to Irish Businesses

Customer-focused natural gas business supplier

Naturgy Ireland is a natural gas business supplier to large energy users operating in a wide range of sectors in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. Our Customers have one thing in common; each one is different. Our tailor-made approach of natural gas supply enables us to provide you with full service and support, for example connection to the gas network and help you manage your natural gas costs throughout the year. Naturgy Ireland supplies almost 20% of the Industrial and Commercial gas market in Ireland.  


Natural Gas to businesses in Ireland and the UK. Naturgy Ireland was awarded a supply licence in 2003 and now supplies almost 20% of the Industrial and Commercial market in Ireland. Naturgy Ireland works with some of the largest businesses in Ireland and assists them develop an energy strategy to maximize longer term commercial advantage.

If moving to natural gas for the first time and you want your business connected to the gas network there are many aspects to consider. Gas is a cleaner and more efficient energy compared to heavy fuel oils. Moving to gas will help reduce your C02 ratings. If looking at a new gas connection talk to our energy experts as guidance and advice at an early stage can reduce your annual costs significantly by planning how to effectively manage your consumption and take a phased approach to overall costs. Our regulatory team will work closely with you to ensure you are getting the best contract for your business gas connection.

Benefits of natural gas to a new user:

· Clean and efficient
· Flexibility procurement strategy and planning
· Cost benefits over alternatives
· Support and expertise from Naturgy Ireland when getting connected to the gas network

With so many factors, both local and global, now affecting the price you pay for gas, ensuring you have a flexible, transparent and long-term strategy in place with the right supplier to deliver this is crucial for any business.

At Naturgy Ireland, our top priority is to provide you with the service and support you need to manage your energy costs throughout the year. At Naturgy Ireland, our Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our reputation for service, flexibility and innovation as a business gas supplier and new gas connection set up.

Did you know that, following deregulation of the Irish energy markets, Naturgy Ireland started life as the first independent supplier to be awarded a gas shipping and supply license in Ireland by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities.  There have been a few more 'firsts' since then.

Benefits for your business


Customer Focused

Our business decisions are based on how our Customers’ needs change and grow.


Tailored Solutions

With Naturgy Ireland, there is no one size fits all – in our experience, a fixed-price solution is not a solution. We tailor our packages based on what you need in order to get the very most out of your energy supply throughout the year.


Smart Metering Solutions

Naturgy Ireland supplies natural gas to almost 20% of the industrial and commercial market in Ireland.


Flexible Solutions

When we get to know and understand your business, we can offer the most flexible solutions.

Renewable Gas

You might know that we supply 100% green electricity, but have you heard about green gas? Rapid advancements are taking place in the creation of fracking-free gas from renewable sources.
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To find out more about green gas contact us today.


We signed up with Naturgy Ireland in December 2007, with a view to developing an energy strategy for Bulmers that would reduce our spend on gas and electricity. We chose Naturgy Ireland because their innovative approach to procurement is unique in the Irish market. With Vayu’s expertise we’re now in a position to make informed decisions and benefit from significant savings on our energy bills. Once we made the decision to switch it was really easy, Naturgy Ireland looked after the paperwork and the changeover was very smooth. So far, we’ve been really pleased with our decision and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Naturgy Ireland as an energy supplier.
Vayu’s energy supply partnership with Dalata goes beyond the supply of natural gas. For example, Naturgy Ireland is installing smart metering across all our ROI hotel sites, which will enable us to view, manage and control all our hotel site’s energy consumption and costs like never before. Stephen Clarke