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Everybody's talking about having a renewable energy strategy, but how do you do it well? We can help. Renewable energy is part of Naturgy Ireland's DNA. We give you options to help 'green' your energy use. We can supply you with 100% green electricity in a number of different ways, or if you are a generator of renewable energy, we can find a route to market to get your electricity to the grid.

Naturgy's Renewable Credentials

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We have a Customer to staff ratio of 1:10, ensuring our Customers get the best possible solutions towards a sustainable energy future.

We have a dedicated renewable energy team with world class expertise. We are part of the Naturgy Group which allows us to combine local knowledge with global expertise.

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We have a large PPA portfolio providing green energy for our Customers.

We are active in both Northern Ireland and the Republic and are familiar with a variety of support schemes.

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We have a proven track record of working with industry stakeholders

We are experienced in setting up PPAs in a range of renewable technologies, such as Wind, Hydro, Wave, Heat and Solar.

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We enjoy extensive power and gas trading capabilities.

We benefit from strong financial backing from the Naturgy Group, our parent company.

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We operate ISO-accredited quality management systems.

Why choose renewable energy for your business?



Generating your own electricity on site allows you to control your energy costs and help you achieve sustainability targets.



If you generate your own on site power you can avoid paying electricity transportations costs, saving between 30 - 40% on your energy bills.


Potential for Revenue Generation

Surplus electricity generated on site can be sold back to the electricity market.



Government 2020 white paper "delivering a Sustainable Energy Future for Ireland ", and increasing legislation.

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