Renewable Electricity

100% renewable; 100% reliable

100% green

 Naturgy Ireland has its entire electricity supply coming from renewable sources. Go here to read what the industry regulator, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, had to say about us.

Take it a step further

If you are a Large Energy User and would like to take sustainability to another level, talk to us about your options for a creative integrated energy solution.

Direct PPAs

Naturgy Ireland matches your energy requirements with a renewable energy generator, which exclusively supplies you with renewable energy. Advantages of a direct PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) The big win for you is that you avoid the capital outlay that would be involved in developing your own power generation plant yet you enjoy all the advantages in terms of sustainability credentials, lower carbon emissions, energy cost control and security of supply. You can specify a favoured source of power – wind, solar, anaerobic digestion and so on. Naturgy Ireland will find a suitable partner. This arrangement protects you from energy price fluctuations over the long term and provides a market for the energy from a producer, thus supporting the renewable sector. A typical contract length might be anywhere from 3 to 15 years, providing commercial certainty to both you and the generator.

Corporate PPAs (CPPAs)

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) will play a key role in Ireland’s energy transition to 2030. CPPAs are a strategic focus of Naturgy Ireland  and we feel we are uniquely positioned in this space given that we are an I&C focused supplier, an established PPA player in the market, and have the trading and forecasting capabilities.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract under which a business agrees to purchase electricity directly from an energy generator. 

On-site generation                                                                                                                                      

In this case, the Large Energy User builds a renewable energy generation facility on its own site. The electricity generated is used to power its own premises and any excess power is supplied to the grid, creating an income stream.

Need to Know

The electricity consumer and the generator need not be in close proximity to each other. We manage the supply of the power to your site.

Ross McConnell

Ross McConnell

If you are interested in setting up a Direct PPA, talk to Ross McConnell today

Benefits of using renewable energy



Manage your energy portfolio in the long term. Contracts typically last from 3 to 15 years.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Every year, our Large Energy Customers reduce emissions by the equivalent of 1,920 flights from Dublin to New York.


Achieve Your CSR Objectives

Do more than talk the talk. Live up to the leaf symbol on your packaging.

We have a portfolio of over 200MWs in PPAs and growing

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We have experience of setting up PPAs in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Our PPA portfolio now includes numerous technologies including onshore wind, landfill gas, biomass, hydro and solar

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We have strong financial backing from our parent company Naturgy Group one of the leading natural gas and electricity companies in the world

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We have a dedicated renewable energy team

We provide market-leading rates for the electricity you generate

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We guarantee monthly payments to generators (no late payments)

Use our experience and the financial strength that comes with being part of a global energy group as leverage to get the right agreements in place with financial institutions.

100% renewable; 100% reliable

Every year a typical Naturgy Ireland electricity Customer saves the equivalent of..


1,920 Flights from Dublin to New York


151 Cars off the road per year


18,596 Number of Trees

Ross McConnell

Ross McConnell

These are major decisions. Start the conversation today by talking to Ross


The availability of a flexible contract was a key deciding factor for College Proteins when considering switching our electricity provider. Since signing up to Vayu’s Electricity Tracker, we have benefitted from lower wholesale market prices and the savings have been considerable. Participation at the Electricity Auctions allowed us a further opportunity to secure power at competitive rates, which assists us in reducing our energy bills.
College Proteins
Vayu’s energy supply partnership with Dalata goes beyond the supply of natural gas. For example, Naturgy Ireland is installing smart metering across all our ROI hotel sites, which will enable us to view, manage and control all our hotel site’s energy consumption and costs like never before. Stephen Clarke
I am not surprised that other large customers are also seeing value in using Naturgy Ireland as their gas supplier. Naturgy Ireland seems to be doing all the right things to establish the company as a leader in this market.
John H. Rhodes, Global Category Manager for Energy, FMC