Record Amount of Electricity Generated from Wind Energy in December 2013

December 2013 proved to be one of the windiest months of recent times and a record month for power generation from wind energy. We have compiled a number of statistics below which show the vital role that wind energy is playing in Ireland’s electricity supply.

Record Wind Generation:

■A new record for the amount of wind energy generated in Ireland was recorded at 6.30pm on 17 December 2013 when wind generation stood at 1,769 MW; this accounted for 40% of the demand at that time.

■Overall a record 24% of Ireland’s total energy mix was generated from Irish wind energy in December 2013, compared to 22% in December 2012.

■The previous record for wind generation was 1,564 MW recorded on 20 November 2013, providing 45% of the total system demand.

What this means for electricity prices:

■This huge contribution of wind energy helped reduce the monthly average wholesale electricity price by 5% compared to the previous month (November 2013) and by 2% compared to December 2012.

■The continued integration of wind energy into reland’s electricity network is expected to reduce prices further over the coming years.

■Night prices were 43% lower than day prices in December 2013, providing an incentive to use more electricity during off-peak hours.

Wind Energy is now a vital part of Ireland’s fuel mix:

■Ireland currently has 1,844 MW of installed wind energy capacity. 96% of this total capacity was utilised on 17 December 2013 when wind generation was at its record high of 1,769 MW.

■The importance of wind energy in Ireland will continue to grow over the next number of years and there is a target in place to supply 20% of Ireland’s energy from renewable sources by 2020. Wind energy will be the primary source of this energy and could mean that up to 3,400 MW of wind generation capacity will be installed.

■Graph 2 below shows the percentage of electricity demand that was generated from wind energy in 2013.

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Keith Deacon



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