Naturgy: Just another energy supplier?

I read recently that people spend less than 10 minutes a year thinking about their household energy costs; an interesting statistic that made me wonder how long, say a person who has responsibility over the energy costs of an industrial / commercial business spends not just thinking about energy costs, but working with their internal teams and supplier to action thoughts into energy saving solutions. You’d imagine they spend a lot of time on this, however, I don’t think we’ll ever know, nor do we really need to; what is worth knowing however, is that in an ever changing energy landscape, there is far more to be thinking of and more importantly, actioning when it comes to energy, specifically when and how to buy better and use smarter.

For example,  as an energy supplier, Naturgy has an obligation to reduce its Customers’ kWh consumption as part of the European Union’s drive towards 20-20-20: 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; 20% increase in the share of energy consumption produced from renewable sources & 20% improvement in the EU’s energy efficiency. Vayu’s obligation, however, is outweighed by our desire to help our Customers not only buy better, but use smarter; with this mind set, we saw opportunity, not obligation.

As Vayu’s Key Account Manager, it is my role, with support from the entire Naturgy team, to ensure our Customers are, above all happy with the level of service and support we give them, but also that our solutions, for want of a better phrase, are moving with the times. As I meet more and more people, energy procurement is moving further and further down the agenda, although buying energy when value presents itself is important, using energy smarter and ultimately using less and less energy, is now on the top of our Customers’ agenda.

To date, we have worked with a large number of our Customers, spanning numerous I&C sectors, and have helped them significantly reduce their kWh consumption through various projects such as, but not limited to:

  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s)
  • Compressor Upgrades
  • Chiller / Refrigeration Projects
  • Insulation
  • Fuel Oil / Oil to Natural Gas conversions

For these projects, Naturgy was present, from beginning to end, in conjunction with a number of trusted partners, from project identifying, project scoping, roll-out, delivery, monitoring & verification to administrative support with the SEAI.

Now, with all of this in mind, how much time do you spend thinking about energy?  How much time does your energy supplier spend supporting you in turning thoughts to actions into solutions for your business?

Do you want more than just energy from your supplier?

Vayu. More than energy.​