Naturgy recognised as Great Place to Work 2013

Naturgy is delighted to announce that they have been officially recognised as a Best Workplace 2013. This prestigious accolade was presented at the Great Place to Work Awards in the Burlington Hotel Dublin on Thursday 7th March. The event was attended by Minister of State for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton who complimented all the organisations for creating high trust workplaces which she said leads to a clear competitive advantage especially when trading internationally.

Commenting on the wonderful achievement by 49 organisations, CEO of the Great Place to Work John Ryan, said that competition for places on the list was at its highest in 10 years as more organisations had chosen to go through the assessment process, clearly appreciating the business benefits of having a high performing workplace where employees are seen as having a critical impact. “This is a fantastic achievement particularly given the difficult economic backdrop, proving that if you invest time and effort in developing the right culture in your organisation your people will be your best asset and will be key to your business success”

Vayu was announced as the eleventh placed organisation on the Best Small Workplace 2013.

Vayu are Ireland’s largest independent supplier of large industrial gas users. The company which serves both electricity and gas markets has been in operation since 2003 and now includes companies such as Tesco, Bulmers, FMC, IBM and DHL among its growing client base. International commodity group Glencore is the largest shareholder in the business.

Priscilla Lawrence, Head of HR with Naturgy, welcomed the company’s second successive award in this national programme. We are a customer focussed business, but to offer excellent customer service requires focus on your own team. We value our people and our culture. A team that is driven and that enjoys their work environment is more likely to deliver results for their customers. As we have grown our business in Ireland and overseas in the UK, Holland and the United States, we have learned that this applies in all countries. Making Naturgy a Great Place to Work has driven our business forward.


Great Place to Work Ireland is part of a Global network with offices in 48 countries using the same assessment methodology to publish 45 country lists, as well as regional and a Global list. The best known is the Fortune 100 list of best companies to work for in the United States. The key defining feature of a best workplace is the levels of trust that exist within it. The definition of a great workplace from an employee’s viewpoint is one where you trust the people you work with, you have great pride in what you do and you enjoy the people you work with. The Great Place to Work Institute assesses the practices in place in organisations under 9 key areas: inspiring, speaking, listening, caring, developing, thanking, hiring, celebrating and sharing. They then benchmark these practices against other organisations in that country. The second key component of the assessment is an anonymous ‘trust index survey’ that gathers the perceptions of employees under 5 dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. Finally there is a full analysis of open ended comments from employees.

A full list of listed organisations and award winners is available at

Interesting Research Trends in 2013 Data

Key trends in the data from the research results show a significant increase in the amount of employees caring for a sick dependents, a trend referred to as hand holding in both generations, as employees often hold off having children until their late thirties and at the same time their parents are living longer but often times experiencing ill health, placing high demands on this cohort. These employees need increasing levels of flexibility around working practices.

A second trend sees organisations assisting employees in their personal lives – Increasingly we see organisations making professional financial advice available to assist employees in restructuring their personal finances or assisting them to become more tax efficient ensuring they are claiming all their allowances.

There has also been a significant move towards health based cultures / wider wellness campaigns with an increase on mental health, a focus on healthy eating and an explosion in competitive fitness participation in marathons and triathlons.

Technology is playing an increasing role in many organisations with employees often having better technology than their organisations, leading organisations to ‘leave employees to their own devices’ asking IT department to facilitate employees integrating their own technology

The final trend of note relates to an increase in generations in the workplaces together. Often we are seeing up to 5 generational grouping in the workplace (baby-boomers, Gen X, Gen Y etc.), that have very different views of work and leadership. The older generations feel work is a place to go to, and will often be more open to taking direction in a hierarchical structure as opposed to the new entrants who want more freedom and flexibility in the location where they choose to complete their work. They also demand more open communications, inclusion in decision making, high collaboration and the ability to express their opinions and views. This group are extremely interested in the vision of the organisation and are passionate about its sustainability policies and require organisations to have clear corporate social responsibility agendas.

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